Product Review: T3 Mycin

This post is written in Malay language.

Gambar T3 Mycin Clindamycin Lotion 1%

Sebelum ini saya ada buat ulasan produk untuk OXY5 Benzoyl Peroxide Regular sebagai rawatan jerawat saya, boleh rujuk *siniProduk kali ini yang saya nak kenalkan ialah T3 Mycin. Biasanya dijual atas rak yang sama dengan OXY5 di mana-mana farmasi. Kadang-kadang kena tanya jurual kalau tak jumpa kat rak. Kawan saya yang cadangkan T3 Mycin ni untuk jerawat. Dia beli yang jenis lotion (cecair putih macam air je) dalam RM25.00 gitu, seperti gambar di atas. Tapi saya beli yang jenis gel (gel jernih pekat) pada harga RM27.90, seperti gambar di bawah. Saya baru je beli pada 27 Ogos 2017, sebelum ni saya guna OXY5, lepas tu Mary Kay Spot Solution. Saya baru saja nak cuba T3 Mycin ni.

Gambar T3 Mycin Clindamycin Gel 1%

Kali ni nak cerita pengalaman kawan saya sahaja yang guna T Mycin jenis cecair (lotion). Lain kali baru cerita pengalaman saya pula guna T3 Mycin jenis gel. Macam ni, masa tu kawan saya ni dia baru sahaja guna Mary Kay macam saya. Selepas seminggu guna MK skincare, dia mengalami healing crisis juga iaitu jerawat dalam kulit dia habis keluar. Sehari selepas guna Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask Formula 2, jerawat nanah keluar di sekitar bibir dia segagai *krisis penyembuhan. Jadi, dia pun guna T3 Mycin Lotion ni sapu pada semua  jerawat tu.Selepas seminggu, memang hilang licin!

CARA PENGGUNAAN: Masa dia guna T3 Mycin ni, dia tak guna apa-apa produk lain termasuk pencuci muka dan sebagainya. Hanya cuci guna air sahaja dan tidak berbedak atau mekap langsung. Kiranya sangat berkesan la kan? hehehe..Dia sapu setiap malam sebelum tidur pada jerawat sahaja. Tiada parut yang tinggal kerana jerawat ni jenis yang tak tinggal parut kot. Tapi ada saya baca kat blog-blog pengguna lain, diorang guna T3 Mycin ni macam cara saya guna OXY5 saja. Maknanya, selepas basuh muka bersih-bersih, pakai pelembap lalu sapu T3 Mycin pada jerawat. InsyaAllah kesannya sama juga macam kawan saya ni! Anda pun cuba lah! 

PANTANG LARANG: Saya ada baca yang T3 Mycin ni adalah sejenis antibiotik iaitu membunuh kuman. Jadi, penggunaannya tidak boleh terlalu lama. Kalau kita guna tanpa nasihat daripada doktor, ahli farmasi dan pakar kulit, sebaiknya kita guna T3 Mycin ni dalam tempoh tertentu sahaja iaitu berhenti penggunaan sebaik sahaja jerawat sembuh. Sebab nanti kuman akne tu jadi kalis dan terbiasa dengan T3 Mycin maka diorang jadi kebal. Bila kita guna lagi lain kali, produk ini tidak akan berkesan lagi buat kita. Begitulah cara senangnya yang saya boleh terangkan.

Kakak saya seorang pegawai farmasi di hospital besar. Jadi, saya selalu mendapatkan nasihat berkenaan penggunaan apa-apa produk dengan menunjukkan bahan-bahan yang disenaraikan. Namun, bahan-bahan tersebut perlulah disenaraikan dengan nama saintifik atau nama kimia, baru lah mana-mana pegawai farmasi boleh jelaskan secara lanjut tentang fungsi / penggunaan bahan-bahan tersebut secara teori. Kalau anda tiada kenalan yang arif, bolehlah pergi mana-mana farmasi kat kampung atau pekan. Mesti ahli farmasinya mempunyai lebih banyak masa untuk borak-borak santai dan sangat baik melayan anda. Jadi ganggulah mereka! PERCUMA (free of charge). 

Selamat mencuba!

Product review: My MARY KAY healing crisis and what I do to heal faster

27 August 2017

All I can say is, my Mary Kay *healing crisis (so called a treatment process) is a nightmare! You can refer to my previous post on *series of my faceupdates during this healing journey. To see my history in skincare use, you can click on *this link and see what skincare products I had used in the previous years.

During this healing treatment, I’ve been experiencing loads of discomforts especially the existence of new acne pimples. I've never had such pimples before. More and more huge pimples appeared in the first two months and they started to behave from the third month, especially my forehead. Now I have been exactly 4 months using Mary Kay skincare regimen so I am a little satisfied with the state I am right now.


So what do I do to make my MARY KAY healing process FASTER?

1)      I take a food supplement for extra vitamin C and E.

I have been consuming Dianz Vitamin C and E Plus for 5 months now. I am now on my 8th bottle. I take 2 tablets daily, one in the morning (after breakfast) and one in the evening (after dinner). Well, I have been taking Dianz Vitamin C and E Plus since 28/3/2017, which is about one month before I even started to Mary Kay skincare. Please refer to my other review on Dianz Vitamin C and E Plus for more details.

**I order this supplement from a trusted stockist, Nadia.

2)      I drink a lot of plain water every day, 3L at least.

3)  I used acne treatment cream on pimples which is OXY5. You can also refer to this product review I posted last time.

4)   To control my sinusitis, I don’t eat shellfish and meat (beef, mutton and so on). I  also don't take some selected seafood at all since early this year, including dried anchovies. I  rarely eat eggs too. But I always tolerate any food containing eggs like cakes, biscuits and breads. I am a picky eater. I have been avoiding all of these since January 2017.

5)   Starting from 8/8/2017, I added one more Mary Kay product into my skincare routine which is CLEARPROOF Clarifying Cleanser (RM95.00) to wash my face once daily, usually at noon. It helps to remove excess oil and helps speed cell turnover on the surface of the skin, as stated on the brochure. This huge tube contains 127g of cleansing gel with 2% of salicylic acid. I really like this cleanser with the fact that it doesn't leave my skin dry every time I wash my face. However, I have to rinse my face thoroughly with loads of water, many times, to clear off the 'bubbly and foamy feeling' left on my skin. Another thing I am concerned about is the itchiness every time after I wash my face with this, especially the acne spots. They become red and extremely itchy too. But after a while like 10-15 minutes, the itchiness will be gone. That's the reason why I am still using this cleanser until now.

6)   Starting from 14/8/2017, I use an acne treatment cream called Mary Kay CLEARPROOF Spot Solution. (RM65.00) I don't use OXY5 anymore. This Spot Solution will cover spots with a highly effective, botanically infused formula to target blemishes and help clear them up, as stated on the brochure. The tube contains 29g of colourless cream with 2% of salicylic acid. I really like this product because it does not leave my skin dry at all. I think it works wonder as well as OXY5. I love its smell too.
That’s all! For the time being, these all work for me, judging based on the positive improvements on my face day after day. I’ve heard and read that some people experience worse such as having more and more new pimples for more than 6 months. Wow. To me, the fifth month should be the healing month and your face will stop getting new pimples. So, we'll see mine...huhu. If you ever experience this VERY LONG ‘healing crisis’, you should consult your dermatologist as soon as possible. A dermatologist knows better .

I believe that Mary Kay does not make those pimples out for long, but during the healing crisis, those pimples themselves multiply due to infections. This is because during this healing crisis, more pimples are coming out so your skin gets easily infected by unwanted bacteria.

Happy trying….

Hanging Balloons for A Party

This is how I usually hang balloons for birthday parties
or simple family celebrations at home.
So, this is my simple way of hanging balloons for party decorations.

You can try this method too!
Super easy to hang and take off whenever kids ask for one. 

--small-size ribbon/s
--paper clips

How to do it?

(1) Use a required length of ribbon as a rope anywhere you like, to hang the balloons.
As for me, I often choose to tie this ribbon to the window bars (jeriji tingkap).
Make sure to tie both ends firmly with two to three knots.

(2) Blow a balloon and tie its knot/mouth firmly.

(3) Stretch or extend or open a paper clip outward....just a bit.

(4) Attach the altered paper clip to the balloon knot/mouth.

(5) Then, you can hang it to the ribbon.
Repeat the same step until you reach your desired target number of balloons.

(6) Attach more balloons to the ribbon.
Well, you can attach more than one balloon to each paper clip if you want!

**These pictures were taken before my niece's birthday party at her play area
at the very end of the house near back door.
So I prepared this one day earlier without disturbing the other sections of the house.

(7) Finally, this is how it might look!
You can do better if you have more balloons!

So later, whenever any kids ask for the balloons,
you can simply grab them and easily take them off from the ribbon.

Enjoy your party!

Happy trying!!

Mosturizer for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Klik sini untuk Bahasa Melayu

I just know how important the use of a moisturizer is for acne prone and oily skin. I thought oily skin does not need moisturizing. Using appropriate moisturizer is essential for keeping our face hydrated (to avoid water loss / natural moisture) after the face is washed. For people with oily acne and acne prone skin, the use of a suitable moisturizer can lock the moisture in the skin while controlling any excessive oil production or blemishes.

Apparently, frequent washing of our face can also dry the skin and eliminate the natural moisture that God has made. That's why we have to wipe our face well and pat dry after washing it and immediately apply some good moisturizer. The remaining water on our face which we let it dry by itself will pull all the moisture in our skin. I just knew this!!! It will no longer moisturize the skin, so it will be soon dehydrated. When the face skin becomes too dry, acne starts to grow and it will be sensitive when foaming cleanser is used.

Sumber Gambar The Picta

I am currently using a moisturizer named Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) from Mary Kay. The price is RM138.00 in Malaysia and should last for 4-6 months for moderate use. BUT I finished it in one and a half months only because of the excessive use during my acne recovery. **read here. Now I am using the second jar which I hope to last longer.

HOW TO USE: OFHG texture is like non-sticky gel-like liquid. It is very when applied. After washing my face and apply some toner on, I use a small spoon (provided) to take some OFHG from the container. Then I place it on the tip of my finger and apply it on the entire face in the order from bottom to top. I move my fingers to apply the gel starting from the lower part of the face like neck and chin, then move upwards until the forehead. One spoon is enough to cover the entire face. Done!

Here are the functions and advantages of OFHG moisturizer. The information was taken from Mary Kay UK Website.

Key Ingredients

  • Dimethicone is a conditioner that improves the appearance of skin by helping it look softer and smoother. It also is an emollient that helps maintain the soft, smooth and supple appearance of the skin.
  • Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) is an antioxidant. Known as free-radical scavengers, antioxidants are included in products to help protect the skin from the effects of free radicals generated by the environment. It also is a soothing agent known for its calming and soothing properties.

Below is what has been written by a Mary Kay Malaysia beauty consultant (BC) on her Instagram site. It is in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language). She is actually a BC to my younger sister. All I can say, she is a highly committed beauty consultant. If you would like to buy Mary Kay products, feel free to contact her.



Saya tidak menjual produk ini. Entry ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman saya semata-mata. Sila hubungi perunding kecantikan Mary Kay yang bertauliah untuk khidmat nasihat lanjut.

Pelembap wajah untuk kulit berjerawat atau berminyak

Click here for English Version

Saya baru tahu betapa pentingnya pelembap untuk wajah bagi kulit berjerawat dan berminyak. Ingatkan orang kulit berminyak ni tak perlu pelembap dah. Pelembap yang sesuai amatlah penting untuk menjaga wajah daripada terhidrasi (kehilangan air/kelembapan semula jadi) selepas muka dibasuh. Untuk orang yang kulit muka berjerawat dan berminyak, perlu menggunakan pelembap yang boleh melembapkan wajah sambil mengawal pengeluaran minyak berlebihan.

Rupa-rupanya, kerap membasuh muka juga boleh mengeringkan kulit dan menghilangkan kelembapan semula jadi yang Tuhan buat. Sebab tu kita kena lap muka kering-kering terus selepas basuh muka dan sapu pelembap dengan segera. Ini kerana air yang kita biarkan kering dengan sendiri tu akan menarik segala kelembapan dalam kulit kita. Baru saya tahu!!! Bukan lagi lembap kulit kita, jadi makin kering dalaman (terhidrasi). Bila muka kering, jerawat mula nak naik, kulit menggelupas berkerak dan jadi sensitif kemerahan apabila kena pencuci muka berbuih.

Sumber Gambar The Picta

Saya menggunakan pelembap yang diberi nama Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) keluaran Mary Kay. Harganya RM138.00 dan sepatutnya boleh tahan 4-6 bulan bagi penggunaan yang berpatutan. Saya guna satu bulan setengah je dah habis sebab boros semasa proses pemulihan wajah dan jerawat banyak.**baca siniBekas kedua ni harap-harap tahan lebih lama la.

CARA GUNA: Tekstur OFHG ni seperti gel yang tidak melekit. Ia sejuk seperti air. Saya sapu satu muka sebaik sahaja selesai basuh muka dan sapu toner (penyegar wajah). **Sila baca entry yang lepas untuk rutin yang saya amalkanGuna sudu kecil yang disediakan untuk ambil sedikit OFHG ini daripada bekasnya. Lalu letak kat jari dan sapu seluruh wajah dengan urutan dari bawah ke atas. Mlakan dengan bahagian bawah muka seperti leher dan dagu, seterusnya ke atas sehinggalah kawasan dahi. Satu sudu sudah cukup untuk sapu seluruh wajah. Siap!

Berikut adalah fungsi dan kelebihan pelembap OFHG ni. Saya petik daripada laman instagram perunding kecantikan kepada adik saya. Beliau merupakan seorang perunding kecantikan yang sangat komited. Kalau nak beli, bolehlah hubungi beliau.


# Gel yang tidak berminyak, tak melekit dan sgt senang meresap dalam kulit
--Komen saya: Kalau pakai tebal melekit juga rasanya. Kena tunggu bagi kering dulu baru sapu makeup seperti alas bedak dan lain-lain.

# Mengecutkan jerawat dgn cepat
--Komen saya:  Yang ni bagi saya TIDAK kot. Sebab memang dah 2 bulan guna. Saya letak tebal pada jerawat, tapi tak kering cepat pun. 2 3 minggu baru sembuh. Saya guna OXY5 beli di farmasi untuk kecutkan jerawat. 

# Menyejukkan dan menyegarkan kulit wajah especially yg kerja outdoor dan sunburn
--Komen saya: Memang sejuk macam air, tapi kejap je la...sapu balik, sejuk balik. Ia sangat elok disapu lepas kena panas terik matahari.

# Menghidrasi kulit sehingga 10 jam
--Komen saya: YA BETUL. Kulit jadi sangat-sangat lembap. Sekarang saya guna pagi lepas cuci muka dan malam sebelum tidur sahaja. Dulu setiap kali lepas basuh muka untuk solat, saya sapu semula. Sekarang tidak perlu. Lepas solat zohor sampai la isyak tu memang muka saya tak pakai OFHG dah. Tiada apa-apa pelembap, hanya toner (saya guna Freshen BE Formula 2). TETAPI, kalau saya rasa kulit akan kering sebab aircond dan sebagainya, saya akan sapu OFHG ni. 

# Melicin, melembut dan menghaluskan kulit wajah
--Komen saya: Yang ni susah nak cakap sebab muka tak licin lagi. Tapi kulit memang lembut la walaupun ada jerawat.

# Percepatkan proses detox (pembuangan toksin) kulit daripada kimia produk sebelum ni
--Komen saya: Memang BETUL ni. Sebab tu jerawat keluar banyak. Tapi dah tak semeriah dulu.

# Percepatkan proses rawat struktur kulit yg rosak dan bina balik lapisan kulit yang terhakis.
--Komen saya: Memang BETUL la kot. Dia tangah rawat kulit wajah saya la ni.

Bagaimana pula pelembap untuk kulit kering? Adik kepada OFHG tadi ada yang bernama Intense Moisturizing Cream yang diciptakan khas untuk kulit kering sahaja yang tiada jerawat bagai. Saya guna juga IMC ni untuk tempat-tempat yang kering di wajah saya sepertudagu. Tak tahu la kenapa dagu saya kering berkerak menggelupas. Saya amalkan pakai IMC ni seminggu, terus sembuh.

Sekarang terus amalkan, di dagu sahaja. Dulu masa kering di bahagian tepi bibir sebab guna pencuci muka berbuih, saya sapu IMC ni la. Saya tak beli pun IMC ni! Sebab dah beli OFHG kan. Tapi perunding kecantikan saya bagi paket kecil yang pek percubaan 1g (tester) punya dua pek. Terus sembuh dengan izinNYA, alhamdulillah. Sampai sekarang tester tu belum habis saya guna. Ada satu paket lagi tak buka. Jimat kan? Tahan lama sangat. Percuma pulak tu! Mugkin sbb pernah guna seminggu di tepi bibir dan seminggu di dagu sahaja. tapi dua minggu untuk paket kecil 1g, saya rasa masih penjimatan hebat tu!

Sila baca fungsi dan kelebihan Intense Moisturizing Cream ni dalam gambar berikut:



Saya tidak menjual produk ini. Entry ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman saya semata-mata. Sila hubungi perunding kecantikan Mary Kay yang bertauliah untuk khidmat nasihat lanjut.